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Will A Nursing School Application Open A Back Door to Georgetown?

Will A Nursing School Application Open A Back Door to Georgetown?

I’m a school that is high and I truly wish to go to Georgetown — We want to use here this fall. My pal’s mother went there years back and said that the «back home» getting in is always to connect with the medical college then when we’m in there, transfer into another major. I really do not have fascination with nursing and so I only wish to accomplish this whether it’s guaranteed to work. Is this typical?

The dean of admissions at Georgetown may have been born at night, but he had beenn’t born night that is last! And this ‘back-door’ gambit, which may experienced some merit as soon as your buddy’s mother was at senior school so when all of Georgetown acceptance rates were cheaper than they are today, will probably bite you difficult in the butt then you’ll wish you had a real nurse handy if you try it … and!

For starters, that you do if you don’t have any interest at all in nursing, you will need to put on an Academy Award winning performance to convince Georgetown officials. Demonstrated curiosity about the field is really a criterion that is key acceptance. If, nonetheless, your interests currently lean toward pre-med and thus your transcript and application are rife with top grades and test scores within the many challenging mathematics and science classes along with extracurriculars such as hospital volunteering, technology enrichment programs, heath care-related research or other similar endeavor Leer más