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Colombia was the 1st country I visited in SouthThe United States. After investing a year lifestyle in Mexico, I got a trip to Bogota, the funding. I definitely possessed no suggestion what to expect.

I liked it so muchthat I ended up devoting two months in the country, and then produced two additional trips over the following numerous years. As a guy, it is actually safe to mention that beautiful Colombian women were undoubtedly the explanation for my extended stay.

Safety and Security

Before our company dive into what it’ s like dating Colombian girls’, let ‘ s go over the elephant in the room: safety and also protection. While Colombia is a fairly easily accessible country coming from United States as well as Canada (it’ s only 3 hours from Miami), if there was one cause that avoids individuals coming from getting along an air travel it’ s asking yourself whether they will be actually robbed and/or abducted the second they step out of the airport.

This is something that kept me up at the same time, but every one of those concerns went away as soon as I showed up in Colombia; I experienced the contrary feeling: I was happily amazed along withexactly how whatever was actually secure and arranged. In reality, you may not feel when I inform you this: but I experience that Colombia is among the best secure countries withall of SouthUnited States (except Chile, however even Chile could be dishonest).

It’ s undoubtedly more secure than Southamerica, Argentina and, naturally, hot venezuelan women , whichis quickly falling right into a broken state. Rest assured, you are going to be actually totally risk-free just as long as you stay the major urban areas and wear’ t go out wandering right into the jungle.

The girls

No issue how you look at it, Colombian women are actually exclusive. Many say they’ re the best attractive females in Latin United States. I certainly need to agree. They may not be actually the sexiest (I presume Dominican ladies take this reward) as well as they might not the absolute most unusual (Brazilian ladies catchthis prize), but I would certainly mention they’ re the absolute most stylishand also innovative.

In several means, they’ re absolutely » Latin » that Dominican and Brazilian females aren’ t. They personify whatever that’ s bothgood and also bad about Latin America as a material, lifestyle, and sense.

It’ s likewise no wonder that Colombian women create most of ladies that are actually appointed in the preferred Latin United States telenovelas that are transported throughout the globe. A lot of these telenovelas are actually additionally recorded in Colombia at the same time.

As muchas I’ m concerned, a Colombian female is the entire deal. They’ re excellent for a terrific evening out on the town of salsa and bachata dancing. They’ re likewise perfect as the mama of your kids as well as the keeper for your castle. Muchof the ladies that I have actually dated all over Colombia make best wives and mothers as well as are suitable for increasing a family members with. I expect that’ s the end result of solid significance of the family members and the Catholic faith.

Nevertheless, not all of all of them are actually angels. Just like along withany women, Colombian ladies can be exceptionally manipulative and also have no qualms about selecting they yearn for along witha man who’ s weak and also can «‘ t simply mention » No & rdquo
; to his female.


Colombian girls are likewise extremely womanly. While I believe Russian and Ukrainian women are one of the best feminine on earth, Colombian women aren’ t that muchbehind.

It’ s because of their womanhood and also enthusiasm that whole telenovelas (daytime drama) have actually been actually filmed in Colombia withColombian starlets.

Plus, Colombian emphasis has been mentioned throughmany to become among the sexiest and also clearest Spanishtones in the Spanish-speaking planet. Muchof that is because of the integral provocativeness as well as feminineness of Colombian women.


Along along withtheir conservative attributes, Colombian girls are actually additionally really typical. They’ re extremely family members adapted. Muchof their life purpose is about discovering the correct man, marrying and possessing children.

While I feel very most Classical United States nations are actually standard, Colombia is actually absolutely among the even more conventional ones. There’ s little bit of to no feminist movement found anywhere and the tip that guys are actually in some way their adversary puts off a lot of Colombian women who value patriarchy.


Similar to Brazilian girls, there’ s a misconception that Colombian females are actually in some way very easy. A bunchof that is actually due to the entire Classical lifestyle and also reggaeton lifestyle that shows a considerable amount of females withskimpy garments dancing to some fast beats. In fact, that can easily’ t be actually farther from the reality.

Generally talking, Colombian ladies are actually quite traditional. Component of that is actually as a result of religious beliefs: they’ re ardent fans of Roman Catholicism as well as a lot of all of them don’ t even count on sex prior to marriage.

Nevertheless, unlike in Ukraine and Russia, there are women who will most definitely copulate you on the first night. So, you most definitely receive eachedges of the desk.

Are Colombian females effortless?

A large false impression regarding Colombian ladies is actually whether they’ re easy or otherwise. Since they ‘ re gorgeous as well as honest, folks immediately remarkable that they give away sex like awards at a local county fair.

This can easily certainly not be actually even further coming from the truth. While they’ re very easy Colombian ladies- muchlike anywhere else in the world- your traditional Colombian girl doesn’ t easily put out on the initial date. Don’t forget, most of all of them are from really good Catholic families. Instead, you have to reacquaint on your own withour long-lost good friend: the 3-day regulation.


Colombian girls are recognized for numerous things, however there’ s the main thing they ‘ re infamous for: flakiness. Colombian women have actually grasped the art of assuring to come across on a specific night and after that choosing certainly not to appear at the final possible moment. Sometimes they need to politeness to permit you understand beforehand, however normally they merely decide they put on’ t want to observe you as well as wear’ t show up.

While girls scale around the world, there ‘ s nowhere else in the world that I take place to witness suchhabits coming from ladies. They’ re just experts at it.

Men coming from all profession have endured withthis as well as have created several methods to fight this. Some guys have actually mentioned that it’ s well for the ladies to confirm the date beforehand. The concept is that this brings in the female invest a lot more into your forthcoming day and, therefore, most likely that the genuine time will definitely occur.

Naturally, various guys devised various tactics to fight flakiness.

When it relates to my point of view on flakes, it’ s incredibly basic: a female flakes on you given that you’ re certainly not of highest possible top priority for her as well as one thing more pressing has actually appeared: a man showed up, she created other programs withher good friends, her canine ate her research, etc.

The merely way to combat flakiness is to become occupied. Be familiar withmistress, make close friends withlocals, work on your personal projects, get involved along withother tasks. This way if she performs flake- and also it is going to happen once in a while- you won’ t sweat it too muchsince you’ ll have various other traits happening in your lifestyle.

After spending years traveling and also venezuela dating living around Latin United States, there’ s certainly in my thoughts that Colombian ladies are several of the most stunning women there.

Depending on the area you will certainly go, they will definitely either be actually closer to International decline (Bogota, Medellin) or extra Latin-looking (Cali, Cartagena).

Obviously this is individual, yet in my viewpoint, the most wonderful ladies in Colombia originate from Medellin. They’ re called » paisas » as well as are actually unbelievably lovely, caring as well as cozy.

What’ s a normal date like?

Like in Brazil and lots of other nations all over the world, points operate around the knowledgeable 3-day technique in Colombia.

For the very first time, you intend to welcome her to a club or even a bar. The goal needs to be about learning more about one another, obtaining bodily and also hopefully making out towards completion of the date.